Workaholics in Divorces

The changing technological landscape of the last decade has changed the ways people function in relationships. As electronic communication is seen by some as an appropriate means of staying in touch with a business client at all hours of the day, others few view the persistence of work-related activity as a symptom of workaholism. Workaholics, as they are known, are said to be addicted to work, meaning that they primarily attend to work and business-related matters before anything else. This decision can sometimes develop into a set habit, which can then become a full addiction. As with any addiction, workaholics are unable to set aside their problematic behaviors for family or friends.
Determining whether your spouse is a workaholic can be an important revelation to understand the circumstances of your divorce. According to a University of North Carolina at Charlotte study, workaholics are twice as likely to go through a divorce when gauged against the average rate. This addiction can be characterized by a true obsession with work. A workaholic will work over 10 hours types of agency in business law a day, bringing their day’s worth of work home with them each night. A workaholic will fail to attend previously scheduled appointments if they are not related to their work. A workaholic will not put away their duties during a vacation and, under the unlikely times when they are supposed to be relaxing, will often find a way to check their work e-mail or look over electronic files.
Some have offered solutions to managing a marriage with a workaholic. Setting appointments far into the future and building them into the addict’s regular schedule is one popular method. As hard workers have no problems meeting these appointments, which could include date nights or nights spent with the whole family, workaholics must put in sincere effort to prove that they still care about their family relationships.
If you want to learn more about workaholics and how their condition could affect suing for slander on facebook your marriage or divorce, contact an experienced divorce attorney today.

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