Why You Need Family Solicitors

Although most people won’t need a firm of family solicitors, there are instances when you might need professional legal help. Here’s why you might need a family solicitor.
1. Perhaps you’re getting divorced, and want to ensure that you get everything that you’re entitled to, or that you can still see your children. You might want to know whether you need to sell your house, or other assets.
2. You might be thinking about moving in with your partner, and want to know more about the legal implications. Perhaps you’re moving out, and want to know more about whether you still have to pay your half of the mortgage, or other bills.
3. You might be thinking about a civil partnership, and want to know more about what’s involved from a legal point of view. You’ll want to know what rights you have, and might want to know what happens if you split up.
4. If you have children, then you’ll want what’s best for them in the event of a relationship breakdown. Perhaps you want them to live with you, or think that they will be better off with their other parent.
5. If you’re suffering domestic abuse at the hands of a violent partner, then you’ll need to know how to get out of the relationship, and how to leave. If you have children then it might be more complicated. Family solicitors will be able to give you all the advice you need, and help you find somewhere safe. With unlogged phone calls available and other ways, you can be reassured that your calls can’t be traced.
6. If you have grandchildren, and you can’t see them due to their parents divorcing, or ending their relationship, then you’ll want your family solicitors community law wellington volunteer to ensure that you have access to them. You have rights as a grandparent, and so you’ll want a family solicitor to help you see your grandchildren.
7. Perhaps you’re wondering about a pre nup agreement before you get married. Family solicitors government law cle will be able to advise you as to whether it’s a good idea or not, and what it means for you.
8. You might be disputing with your partner as to where your children should live, or how often they should see the other parent. If you can’t solve things amicably, then you’ll want a family law solicitor to help you.
9. There might be an issue with an inheritance claim that you want help with. Perhaps your children were financially dependent on someone who has died, but not provided for your children in their will. Your solicitor will be able to help you.
10. There are many financial implications associated with family law, and so you’ll need to ensure that you are told what to expect. Whether you’re about to start receiving maintenance for your children, or need to make provisions for your grandchildren, your family solicitors will be able to advise you. Now you know more about what areas of law a family solicitor covers, if you need legal help and advice, you’ll know where to get it.

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