Why New York’s at Fault Divorce is Better

In the United States roughly one in four marriages will end in divorce, this number greatly increases with each subsequent marriage a person is involved in. This could be blamed on the fact that divorces are just too easy to attain now-a-days. This is because do estate lawyers go to court almost every state has no-fault divorces, which is to say that either person in a marriage can file to dissolve a marriage, and they do not have to provide any proof of fault for either person, or reasoning as to why they wish to file for divorce.
New York is the sole exception to this type of divorce in the United States. New York only offers “at fault” divorces, which is to say that the person wishing to file for divorce must provide proof that the other person committed an act that is not accepted in a marriage. New York is very stringent on which acts are not accepted in a marriage, these are limited to domestic abuse, abandonment for a continuous period for at least one year, imprisonment of a marriage partner for more then three years after the marriage, adultery, living separate and apart with a written separation agreement for at least a year, and lastly living separate and apart to a decree of separation for at least one year. Unlike other states you cannot get divorced in New York for irreconcilable difference, lack of communication, and even on mutual agreement.
These limitation may seem harsh to many people, however it has a strong benefit over no-fault divorces, that is it forces a couple to work out their differences in their own homes, instead of just upping and ending the marriage. No-fault divorces punish faithful partners by taking them to court for legal proceedings and lawsuits, perhaps because the other partner just didn’t agree with them on many things. At-Fault divorces also put a slight halt to “marrying for money” marriages, as someone cannot just marry rich, and get a divorce in a few years for no reason and make out quite well. In these types of marriages in an At-Fault state such as New York can only end if there is proof that the other person acted in a way that corresponds to New York’s allowed divorce circumstances.
However, one should never have to be unhappy in their marriage with their partner. Troubled marriages with no way out can lead to extreme depression and can make the home an unsafe place for children. In these situations it is best to contact a divorce law women’s rights current events firm to speak with a legal professional. This isn’t necessarily to file for a divorce, especially in New York, however a divorce attorney can work with you and your partner to work on your marriage and decide how to make the marriage an amicable one.
A divorce lawyer may not be as helpful as a marriage counselor, but a marriage counselor may stress too much on togetherness, while a divorce attorney can discuss the different laws and proceedings that affect divorces and divorce cases. Attorneys can also help a marriage with legal separation to find out if some time a part will be helpful to the marriage.

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