Why Are Central Florida DUIs So Common?

In the state of Florida you can be arrested for driving under the influence with a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of .08 or higher, not to mention the other influences you could be under and their determining factors. From chemicals to controlled substances, alcohol isn’t the only offense for you can become detained for in the state of Florida.
Tourist, Colleges, Businesses, and underage drinking
With a high concentration of colleges, tourists and businesses-Central Florida is the Mecca for DUI charges. From underage drinking to substance abuse, the driving penalties are endless in Central Florida. Unfortunately, you cannot escape the law when you’re on the water-you can be arrested for DUI charges on a water vessel as well, another commonality in Central Florida. Whether you’re on land or the water, Central why are there ethics for counselors Florida DUI charges are among the highest in the state. The heavy concentration of folks who are going to break the law keeps law enforcement busy. Many attorneys in the area have had great experience with these types of cases and are relentless in understanding and keeping up to speed on the technologies utilized by law enforcement, including breathalyzers, interlock devices and field sobriety testing.
Heavy penalties…
Florida penalizes heavily for DUI first conviction, fines can range from $250-500, you’ll receive a hefty 50 hour community service stint, a paid (by your) trip to DUI school for 12 hours, and probation for 12 months or less. Jail time can be 6 months or less, and dependent list of business laws in india upon your blood alcohol level, if it is .08 or higher with a minor in the vehicle it could be 9 months of less. Lastly, you’ll have your license revoked for a minimum of 180 days (and this is all for a first offense-imagine the issues you’ll have with a second, or third!)

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