What to Do If You Lost a Loved One Due to Negligence

If a loved one is killed, a wrongful death lawyer can be a very essential part of picking up the pieces after such a shattering loss.
There is no question that there are few losses as horrific as an unexpected death caused by someone else’s wrongful actions. It creates a dreadful domino that we all hope we never have to endure: The shock of a ringing phone, the wailing of ambulance sirens and beeps of hospital monitors, the crack in the doctor’s voice as she delivers life-changing news. Then a blur of phone calls, funeral arrangements, cards and flowers and hugs.
And then comes a slap in the face when you’re hit with bills: medical and burial, household expenses that may no longer be affordable. You may ask: How will I pay for all this? How will we keep our home? How will our kids get a good education? If someone else caused your loved one to die, an attorney with experience and a winning track record can help you recover incurred debts, full compensation of medical and funeral costs, pain and suffering. Legal help can provide for a more secure future.
Every state has different laws regarding survivors, and the right attorney can determine your rights where you live. However, all states require a designated representative – commonly legal aid family law qld a spouse or a family member – to tie up the deceased person’s financial affairs and their legal obligations. Here, too, a lawyer can give advice on the best way to proceed.
These cases happen more often and in more ways than you would think. The National Safety Council estimates one person dies every five minutes in a vehicle crash. In one study, nearly half of all family doctors can recall a case in which a patient died accidentally because of a physician error.
U.S. Government agency statistics show every year there are approximately:
• 34,000 traffic fatalities from a variety of causes
• 63,000 deaths related to prescription drugs
• 45,500 deadly workplace accidents
• 10,000 fatal slip and fall
• 98,000 patient deaths in hospitals as a result of medical errors
• 31,000 firearm related deaths
• 38,000 violent temporary court order for child custody deaths
A wrongful death lawyer can seek compensation for present expenses and for the future, like the loss of the victim’s anticipated earnings over a lifetime, and loss of pension and medical insurance. He or she can help survivors move forward again.

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