What Should Your Law Firm Blog About?

Everyone and their mother (literally in many cases) has their own blog these day, and many business use their blogs to draw in a great number of potential clients. white collar crime solicitor Law firms are no different in this respect, and it’s still relatively easy to use a blog to generate a lot of relevant traffic to a law firm’s website.

Since each and every firm is unique (in practice areas, location, etc.), it’s impossible to have a single answer to what any given law firm should blog about, but there are a few guidelines that can make it easier to settle on a topic.

Here are the suggestions that I offer most of my clients:

Focus on Questions Your Clients Ask You. This is the best tip anyone could give you about blogging for business in general. Your clients are worried about particular issues, and usually they are common to a lot of your clients. If you specialize in real estate, then many of your clients are likely worried about the deal falling apart, about not getting their deposit back, or about other real estate-related issues. Whenever an actual client asks you a question, make a note of it, and use that as the basis for your next blog post. The reason this works so well is because you’ll then draw in exactly the type of potential client you’re looking for, since you’ll already be answering their primary concerns.

Use Google Analytics. If you haven’t already, register your website with Google Analytics. There are many sites out there that will show you how, and it’s very easy. Once you do, you should occasionally (not every day!) go through the keywords that people are using to find your site on the web. These are terms that people (potential clients) are actually searching for, so they are excellent to use for blog post topics. If you’ve got 5 people who have found you by searching for “How do I get a Power of Attorney?”, then you can be sure that there are other people out there searching for and wondering the same thing.

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Generally Look to Provide Value. This is the most amorphous tip, but it’s important, and it’s easy to find examples in your own practice. For instance, whenever you have a client meeting or phone call with a client, don’t just write down their questions as I’ve stated above. Also write down anything that makes them say “oh” or makes them smile or business law today nod. These are things that they may not have thought about, but which suddenly make them feel better or understand more. For example, perhaps you always get a lot of agreement when you suggest setting up a health care proxy along with a will. If so, then this is something that your potential clients will also like reading about on your blog.

The point of all 3 of the above suggestions is that you’re using your current clients and potential clients to determine what they are interested in. It’s good if you also find the topic interesting, but it’s most important that your potential clients will either search for it or find it useful once they find your blog. If not, then you’re not providing potential clients with much value, and they’re not likely to call you if they actually need legal services.