What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims?

The law has placed a statute of limitations on just about every civil legal situation in order to assure that claims are brought forth in a timely manner.A� There are a number of reasons for this requirement, and in cases involving personal injury there are many fine details involved.A� The reason for a statute of limitations is to ensure that both the plaintiff and the defendant are treated fairly and have equal opportunity to make their case.A� It was decided that a case could not be filed after an unreasonable amount of time had passed.
It is widely believed that the more time that passes between the original injury and the filing of the claim, the less likely it will be that proper evidence will be submitted.A� Eye witness accounts also become less reliable over time.A� It is also more difficult for an individual to defend themselves against examples of legal issues in healthcare the claims being made against them if a large amount of time has come to pass.A� The there are different lengths of time for the different types of claims and each state has its own set of limitations.A� In order to get the most comprehensive and up to the minute information you should contact an attorney.
In just about every situation the statue of limitations for personal injury claims is somewhere between two to five years.A� This depends on what state you are living in.A� If you have been injured it is not safe to simply assume that you can wait as long as you want and file a claim when it is convenient.A� If you wait too long you run the risk of losing any chance at receiving compensation for your injuries.A� Your claim can be dismissed if you have exceeded the statute of limitations for your type of claim and for the state in which it occurred.
It is generally the best course of action for an injured person to consult with a lawyer immediately.A� Most attorneys do not charge for the initial consultation.A� He or she will be able to give you more information regarding the overall chances for successfully resolving your claim.A� In the case what does a private sector lawyer do of any legal matter, especially personal injury, it is always better to take action sooner rather than later.A� You should do everything within your ability to get the matter resolved as soon as possible to avoid losing any potential compensation which you may be entitled to under the law.A�

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