What Is High Range Drink Driving?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol carries penalties in all Australian states, and if your blood alcohol content is 0.05 or higher, then you will receive a citation. The limit is more stringent for people with learner or provisional licenses; they must maintain a BAC under 0.02 percent. Determining how many alcoholic drinks you can have is easy for that group-even one drink will put you over the legal limit. Any alcohol consumption may effectively reduce driver response time and result in an accident, so it is best to avoid drink driving altogether. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau reports alcohol as a defining cause of one-fourth of all road deaths, and high range drink driving makes it four times more likely you will be involved in an accident.
High range BACs are those 0.15 or higher per 100ml of blood. The court may require severe financial and punitive measures. In all states and territories of Australia, a maximum fine of $3,300 may be imposed for the first offence. Second or subsequent offences carry a fine of $5,500. There is also a maximum gaol sentence of 18 months for a first offence and free legal advice christchurch two years for subsequent offences. Licence disqualification for three years is included for these most serious drink-driving offences. Magistrates can reduce first offence disqualification to 12 months. Second offences carry an automatic disqualification of five years, but magistrates have legal authority to reduce the disqualification to two years.
The penalties described are maximum consequences, and they might not be imposed, but custodial-type sentences and real gaol time are frequently given drunk-driving offenders. If you have been convinced of two relevant driving offences in five years, the third conviction carries what do you call the lawyer who defends a designation of habitual offender. Habitual offenders automatically have their licenses disqualified for five years, in addition to the penalty that might be imposed from a high range drink driving conviction. Offenders could lose their right to drive for a 10-year period.
Western Australia courts impose a minimum fine of $900 for the first offence and a maximum of $2,500. Second offences carry a $2,100 minimum and $3,500 maximum. Subsequent offences carry a $2,100 minimum fine and $5,000 maximum. Licence disqualification in Western Australia is 10 months for first offences, 30 months for second, and life disqualification for the third violation.
Southern Australia courts immediately disqualify licenses for 12 months for people convicted of driving with BAC-level of 0.15 or more. Serious drink-driving offences require drivers to install an interlock device on their vehicle, which will measure drivers’ BAC before the vehicle can be operated. These include 0.15-BACs or higher, refusal to take a breath test, or second offences at any BAC level.
The amount of alcohol in your blood depends on the amount of time since it was consumed, your metabolism, body weight, health, and how much food is in the stomach to slow digestion. Instead of helping, food can lengthen the amount of time you may be at risk of a high BAC level. The numbers of drinks that will result in 0.15 BAC is four-six drinks for most people.

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