Trends in Domestic Violence in The US

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), over three million women are physically abused by their husband or partner every year. Domestic violence continues to be a plague throughout the nation and continues to be one of the most under-reported crimes. Women account for the majority of victims, but men are also at risk and less likely to report the abuse due to embarrassment. According to federal officials, only a little over half a million domestic violence incidents are actually reported each year. Nearly one-third of these assaults require emergency room treatment and hospitalization.
A large percentage of men that abuse their spouse are also guilty of abusing their children. One of the most disturbing statistics is that approximately 33 percent of teens report some type of abuse by their partner. This is one trend that must be stopped. State and federal legislators need make this a priority by requiring public schools to focus on teaching America’s youth that this behavior is totally unacceptable.
Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Relationships?
Domestic violence statistics show that the abuse is likely to escalate so it’s difficult to understand why women stay in these abusive relationships. Intimate partner violence affects people of all income levels, but those who earn less types of offences in india than $25,000 a year are at a much higher risk. Abusers will often apologize and make promises to change, but this rarely happens. The cycle of abuse continues and many women are unable to leave for a variety of reasons including:
• Financial constraints and concerns about how they will provide for their children
• The victim has begun to believe that they are worthless and no one else will want them
• They fear that their partner will hunt them down and kill them if they leave
• Women often stay so their husband won’t get custody of the children
• They fear losing their children if they reach out for help
• Isolation and lack of family support
Some actually believe that it’s better for the children to have access to good schools and a safe neighborhood. But free legal advice phone call one of the saddest facts is that many are still in love with their partners even after suffering years of abuse.
Stopping the Cycle of Violence
Federal authorities report that in 2010, the murder statistics climbed throughout nation due to domestic abuse and that murder/suicides were becoming more common. Victims caught in the cycle of violence often experience fear during the violent stage. Shortly thereafter, the couple goes through the honeymoon phase where the batterer apologizes and swears to never do it again. The husband will be on his best behavior for a while, but then the cycle starts all over again.
We need to empower women by spotlighting these trends and making public service announcements to educate them. Information is a very powerful tool and people are more inclined to reach out for help when they know they are not alone. More legal resources need to be made available so that it’s easier to obtain a protective order. All Americans must work together to find solutions to these problems. If we start early when the abuser is being abused, we may be able to stem the tide and stop the cycle of abuse.

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