The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Appeals Process

Once you’ve applied for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you can wait anywhere what is the best form of business ownership from 90 days to a year, only to find out that your claim has been denied.
Statistics show that only about 30% of applicants are approved for benefits on their first application, so you’re not alone in being denied. The good news is that you can file an appeal and still get your application approved.
In order to appeal your denial, you must file a request for a reconsideration. You can complete the Request for Reconsideration and an Appeal Disability Report either online or at your local Social Security office.
The reconsideration of your application occurs at the same agency that reviewed your case the first time, the State Disability Determination Services (SSDS). However, in order to ensure a fair, impartial re-review, a different officer will conduct the second one. They may contact you requesting additional information for clarification on your case. They might want you to see a third party doctor to conduct an additional screening. It’s important during the reconsideration phase that you provide any information that might make a better case for your claim. If you’ve had any additional hospitalizations, doctor’s visits, or medical tests, you should include that information. You can also ask for an appointment to meet with the reviewer.
It can take another 90 days or more for the reconsideration of your application, after which you’ll receive written notification. If you receive another denial, you can request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. You’ll need to fill out a Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge and an Appeal Disability Report. This cannot be done online, but you can download the forms online and submit them to Social Security.
Your appeal application will be sent to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. The good news is that when a disability federal employee lawyer near me claim is heard before a judge, you have a better chance of being approved than you did during the first application period.
If your claim for SSI benefits is denied again, your final option is to request an appeal through the Federal District Court. You must be represented by an attorney if you take this course of action. Once you hire an attorney, they will assess your chances of winning your claim and will file the appeal on your behalf.

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