The Issues Are in the Tissues – Faith – Divorce – Journey Work & the Law of Attraction

The issue that is going on for Faith is her relationship difficulties with her mother. They are always fighting. She also appears depressed and listless.
Faith is so distraught with her mother, that she is moving out of her mothers home and away from her home town. She is only 15 years old. Her parents are divorced and the old pain of this time is what is still affecting Faith.
We did the physical journey process and she landed in her heart, which she reported as all black, broken and hurt. At the campfire, she processed with both her father and mother. I used the legacy cord, the sweep clean advanced skills to ensure it was effective.
I have processed with so many young people who parents are divorced. It is completely heartbreaking the effect that divorce has on these young souls. I am constantly brought back to how completely important it is to do this inner soul work, so that we do not pass it on to our children.
She said she felt much better after the process. Her heart was whole when she finished and it was returning to a pink color. The black was fading.
Faith was so determined to clean out all of her anger and distress towards her parents in this safe environment. She had so much pent up anger and sadness that she was able to release.
One week later she was reconsidering moving out of home. She was feeling so much lighter current issues in america 2019 and at ease. She reported even laughing and enjoying her mom’s company again.
One month later she decided it would be better to stay at home and finish school. She and mom are doing very well together. She said that all of her civil litigator education requirements pain in this area is gone. She feels so good and happy. She said that she has tried this process by herself and it has been very easy for her.
I am continually amazed at how quick and easy it is to let go of old issues with Journey work. It is my experience that regular talking therapy does not reach these events that a person may have forgotten. Journey work gives you access to them and then they get cleaned out, no longer having any hold on a person.
As well, I appreciate how empowering this work is. Faith being able to help herself after only one session with me. Amazing.
After the Journey process of clearing old ‘stuff,’ I then began to teach her about the Law of Attraction and the importance of becoming aware in the moment of our thoughts and emotions. It is the constant attention to feeling good that is the key to feeling good and being happy.
Sometimes if the negative emotion is so strong or if illness or unhealthy patterns of behaviour has already set in, it is important to do a Journey process to clear it out so that it is easier to focus on the ‘here and now.’
She clearly understood the teachings of the Law of Attraction and how we are all vibrational beings, and that this vibration shows itself in the form of emotion. She easily incorporated the teachings of how to move up the emotional scale step by step.

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