The Good News is That You Can Get Loan Modification Help

The bad news is that there are sharks out there. Watch it!
All over the news, the radio and the internet are reports of various scams in relation to Loan Modification. However, don’t let that scare you into inaction! There are many reputable companies who are actually assisting many individuals in obtaining affordable mortgages and reducing not only mortgage payments and interests rates as well.
So if you are in dire need of a loan modification do not be discouraged. Follow the listed steps below to ensure that you not only locate a reputable loan modification company, but that you have your file processed quickly as possible:
1) Do your homework on any company or law firm who claims to do loan modifications. Almost all law firms and loan modification companies have websites you can start business law note your research. Don’t deal with someone who is distant, or who doesn’t provide a verifiable address. Visit the office and ask for more information in person.
2) Once you have selected your loan modification company or law firm, identify the person within the company who will assist your loan modification process from client intake, to bank submission, through negotiations. This is extremely important so you know exactly who to contact with any questions you may have!
3) Verify that you actually qualify for a modification vexatious litigant new york – unfortunately not everyone will qualify!
4) Request a timeline in regards to how long the process may take starting with your submission of the documents to final resolution. Ask that you be provided with an update if anything happens that may delay the process.
5) Request that you be sent a copy of everything being sent to your bank. I know you would just like to hand this over to someone and take the weight off your shoulders. But with a little follow up you can avoid some very nasty problems.
5) Stay in touch with your bank! Don’t take someone’s word that everything is being handled. Check with your bank occasionally to confirm that the process is in progress.
According to Bank of America, billions of dollars worth of loans have been modified by them already – and that is just one bank. Don’t delay and miss out!

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