The Difference Between an Average Lawyer and an Entrepreneur

There are plenty of lawyers out there doing a good job, making a decent living, and seem content with their lot in life. Then there are the lawyers that are doing an amazing job, making a great living, and loving their lives. Which one sounds more appealing to you?
The difference between the average lawyer and the lawyer entrepreneur is all in their attitude toward their business and attorney marketing. A lawyer who enters the legal profession solely for the purpose of practicing law isn’t going to get very far until they understand that aside from being a lawyer, they’ve also got to be a businessman.
I Went to Law School, Not Business School!
They don’t teach us in law school how to run a law firm, so it’s pretty much up to us to figure out how to create a successful business out of providing our legal services. Having is battery a violent crime an open mind is a big step in becoming an entrepreneur with your law firm, and one of the best places to try new ideas and forge new paths is in the world of attorney marketing.
Any business school will tell you that a good marketing plan is one of the main components of running a successful business. Attorney marketing and the legal business are no exception to this knowledge. Too often do case issue definition law firms emulate each other when it comes to attorney marketing strategies. This creates a sea of copycat ads and indistinguishable lawyer advertisements that do little to help clients pick one lawyer from another.
Lawyers who think like entrepreneurs will see that this stale emulation method doesn’t work and they’ll find a new approach. They look to other industries to see what works for other professional services and then take that knowledge and make it work for a law firm. Lawyers tend to think their profession is so special and different from other service providers such as doctors, plumbers, etc. Truth is, we’re all in it as a business, and we need to think outside the box to stand apart.
Keep Ahead of the Game
The great entrepreneurs of history were those that were ahead of their times in terms of thoughts and actions. Many were ridiculed at first for their actions, but when others saw how successful their attempts at breaking out of the mold were, they took notice.
Being an entrepreneur in your field means not only being one step ahead of the game, but being able to continue taking those steps so you’ll never fall behind. When other law firms see your success with a new attorney marketing method, they’ll follow suit. That means you’re no longer the only one doing it, and it’s time to take that next step ahead to find something else new that no one else is doing.

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