The Dangers of Driving While Drowsy

There are several conditions that make driving more dangerous. Many individuals will instantly think of drunk driving or property rights nyc cell phone usage while driving. Another condition that has proven to be just a dangerous, though, is drowsy driving.

Individuals who are tired may be just as likely as intoxicated individuals to cause serious auto accidents. In many fault and no fault divorce cases, sleep deprived individuals are similar to intoxicated individuals, especially when driving, because they:

Have difficulty concentrating

Suffer visual impairments

Cannot react quickly

In addition to these impairments, drowsy individuals may be at risk for falling asleep behind the wheel. In many cases, this causes motorists to drift out of their lanes, usually into another lane or off of the road. When a driver drifts into another lane, it puts other motorists at risks.

Statistics have shown that drowsy driving makes motorists up to four times more likely to cause an accident than the average driver, which is roughly the same as a drunk driver. However, drowsy driving is not illegal.

Motorists can keep a keen eye out for tired drivers who may pose risks. These drivers often hit the road at night, and their automobiles may sway from side to side slowly, which is a sign of their diminished reaction times.

While it is best to keep a safe distance from these drivers, this may not always be possible. As such, victims of drowsy motorists should work to hold these individuals accountable when they cause auto accidents.

Those who suffer injuries in accidents caused by drowsy drivers may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries. These individuals should first seek out experienced legal counsel before pursuing any legal action.

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