Sustained A Lifting Injury At Work? Here’s What You Must Do

Heavy lifting accidents are a common cause of injuries in the workplace. These accidents are not limited to warehouses, factories and construction sites, but all those workplaces which require employees to perform biglaw criminal defense some sort of manual handling tasks. Whether you are employed in a school, shop, restaurant or office, you are at a risk of sustaining a lifting injury if your job involves performing manual handling tasks.
Typical Injuries Caused By Heavy Lifting At Work
There are a range of physical symptoms associated with injuries caused by heavy lifting, but the victim may also suffer psychological injuries during their recovery period. Depression women’s rights timeline uk is a common symptom which in most cases also leads to deterioration in the quality of life of the victim. Typical injuries caused as a result of heavy lifting at work can include:
– back injuries- arm injuries- shoulder injuries- sprains and strains- neck injuries- herniated discs- hernias
Back injuries are the most common types of injuries associated with heavy lifting at work. They can cause severe pain and in some cases, total incapacity whilst recovering. For this reason, it is important for any person who has suffered lifting injuries at work to seek legal advice and consider putting up a lifting injury claim for compensation.
Injuries caused by heavy lifting can require specialist medical treatment. It can even affect the ability of a person to work which can affect his earning potential. It can result in loss of income if the victim is required to take considerable time off work. Additionally, the injury may have long term consequences. The symptoms may be ongoing for which future medical treatment may be required. Therefore, it is vital for the victim to recover costs of care and all his financial losses that he incurred due to his injury. After all, why should you suffer due to the negligence of another person? If you were hurt because of someone else, you have the legal rights to recover compensation.
Lifting injuries can result from strain over tome where the actual injury occurs outside of work. If your lifting injury occurred somewhere other than work, but heavy lifting is part of your work routine, then you may still be able to recover compensation. These kinds of personal injury cases are quite difficult to pursue and hard to prove, but if you consult with an expert injury lawyer, you will be able to find out more about your options.

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