Sorry! I Can’t Afford to Divorce You!

Up till now all we have been doing is pointing fingers at the credit crunch and the economy crisis, but for a change we can see one good thing about it, and that is a downfall in divorce rates! A recent survey by UK’s top divorce lawyers have reported that there’s been a quite a downfall in divorce rate, which is of course due to money worries and unemployment.
So, what should we really make out of this economy crisis that has laid such a huge impact what does the circuit court do on couples who want to break their vows but sadly they can’t afford to do it.
Though, on the other hand if we look at the brighter side of this gloomy picture, the money crisis and stress should rather strengthen the bond between couples and families. Because when life is trouble-free and there’s plenty of money to keep everyone happy, very little thought is given to the relationship itself, but when the actual bad times come and hit you hard on your face, that’s when you start undermining your relationship.
What can crop up, is that there are folks and couples who are prepared to face and identify that the stress is causing them to suspect their relationship and these are the ones can i fire my divorce lawyer who are willing to put in effort to saving it. The couple’s strong willpower can actually be a source of motivation of saving their marriage and doing something about it.
So, rather taking economic crisis as a curse, married couples should take it as a chance to strengthen and boost their relationship.
The need of the hour is for the couples who think that credit crunch is making their life worse , money worries is causing more clash , and the only thing that can rescue them is a divorce! Unfortunately that’s really not the wise way out, in fact divorce can provoke much more financial qualms and it’s not at all an easy ride! A bad economy got its pro’s and cons on marriages. What actually determines the chance of a marriage’s triumph is the determination and strength of will of the people involved in it!
IF you married and economy crisis is affecting you, you got two choices , either you can consult divorce solicitors to file your divorce or take this hard time as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and fortify your marriage!

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