Running During Pregnancy

Studies have shown that people can become addicted to running. Once the body becomes accustomed to this regular exercise, the body will crave the workout. When a runner becomes pregnant, they may be able to keep their routine. Continued running actually carries greene scholarship columbia many benefits for the mother and child. However, there are several health issues that may arise to prevent a women from incorporating running into her routine. This includes joint problems, painful backaches, or illnesses that causes a weakened immune system.
If a woman’s health allows her to keep running while pregnant, there will be many positive effects on the body and mind. Taking a quick jog has been proven to lower stress levels. Stress can take a tremendous toll on the body that may be amplified by a woman’s hormones during pregnancy. It can also help eliminate or reduce the back pain associated with pregnancy.
Running can also increase a woman’s overall energy level. Some women get very fatigued in day to day activities. Many women keep their jobs until childbirth and need the increase in energy to stay mentally and physically in shape. Some women have testified to the fact that running while pregnant creates a strong bond between mother and child. It can be a relaxing activity that opens up the mind and provides time to think about and contemplate these major life changes.
One of the best ways to avoid injuries while running during pregnancy is to speak with an OB/GYN and a physical fitness community lawyer software instructor. Finding an exercise routine that is challenging but not unhealthy can be a delicate balance to achieve.

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