Running a Bankruptcy Law Firm – 7 Tasks a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Outsource Right Now

Outsourcing and the use of virtual bankruptcy assistants is a hot topic these days, as bankruptcy lawyers looking to manage their practices more efficiently struggle with maintaining profitability in the face of the burdensome requirements of the Bankruptcy Code.

What Can A Bankruptcy Lawyer Outsource Quickly And Profitably?

Here are just a few ideas:

Bookkeeping. Ask your accountant to handle the books each month, or find a bookkeeper to do them for you.

Mailing. Give up the paper cuts and the doldrums of mailing out 48 copies of your latest lien strip motion by human rights of children contacting one of the companies that outsource the filing of certificates of service in bankruptcy cases.

Answering Your Phone. Consider a live operator who will hunt you down and patch through calls or one of the outsourced voicemail providers that deliver your messages in mp3 format as well as transcribing them for you.

Your Fax Machine. End the hassles associated with running out of paper mid-fax, busy signals, and replacing the toner or drum. Get on board with any of the other fax-to-email services out there and you’ll soon be receiving your faxes by email in PDF format.

Standard Motion Drafting. Check out one of the many online marketplaces for virtual assistants and let someone else fill in the blanks on those form-based motions.

Client Reminders. Put your virtual assistant on the notification list for your CM/ECF account. Each time a case is government lawyer education filed, have them calendar the due date for the financial management certification, 341 documents, and the like.

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Petition Preparation. Virtual bankruptcy assistants can easily do a first draft of your Petitions.