Roadside Hazards and Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation for many people, giving individuals a cheap, reliable, and healthy method of getting to work, school, and social functions. With more and more emphasis being placed on “going green” and saving the environment from harmful pollutants, more and more people are using bicycles to navigate crowded streets and roads.
Unfortunately, bicycles and their riders are highly susceptible to accidents on the roadway. Accidents and crashes can occur because of the reckless actions of automobile drivers and others on the road. Many accidents occur because of roadside hazards and unsafe conditions for the cyclist. If a person suffers serious injury as a result of poorly maintained roads, he or she may be able to pursue legal action against those responsible for maintaining the roadway.
Cars, trucks, and other vehicles may be able to handle uneven pavement or potholes in the road with little or no adverse effect. A bicycle, however, may not be able to handle such hazards and the rider personal legal issues may suffer injury in a crash or a fall from the bicycle. Other hazards may include storm drains or manholes, debris left in the roadway from construction, railroad tracks, and other dangers.
Most cities have agencies dedicated to the maintenance of streets, roads, and highways. They are responsible for identifying potential hazards and making sure the streets are clear of harmful and dangerous debris. Roadwork needs to be performed on a regular basis to correct the damage caused by the normal wear-and-tear of everyday use. If the agency or city fails to make the streets safe for automobiles and bicycles alike, persons injured in a crash may be eligible for compensation for pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.
Improperly maintained streets can cause serious damage to bicycle riders because the hazards may not be readily visible. Hidden railroad tracks, damaged curbs, sidewalks, and construction items left unmarked in the roadway legal agency in real estate can cause crashes and collisions. If a bicyclist is involved in an accident, he or she may be injured in the fall from the bicycle and may run the additional risk of being run over by a vehicle while lying in the road.
If you have been injured in a bicycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim. You may want to consult an experienced personal injury attorney for advice on your legal options and help with your personal injury claim.
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