Restraining Orders and Women’s Shelters: What Are My Rights?

When a divorce is the result of violent behavior a number of questions may come about as to what the rights of those involved are. It is important to know that the courts work hard in cases that involve violence because they understand that there is more at stake in these cases. For both the abused and the alleged abuser these cases can be especially hard to handle, one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your child, if there are any, is get a lawyer that can help you win your case. A Family Lawyer is the best option for a legal representation because they are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in this specific case category. Lawyers for family legal issues focus on helping you with the formalities of the case, court appearances, meetings, discussions and most often than not even with your emotional journey. It is advisable that you request for an initial consultation where you can discuss in an overview the issues concerning your case and for you to get an idea how things are going to flow. Make sure to list down all the things you need clarifications on.
In the event that a mother and a child have to go to a shelter to seek solace from an abusive husband there is a good chance that the court may grant full custody to the mother and restrict the access of the father to the child. That being said there are rare cases where the women lie and seek shelter in defamation case law an effort to increase the chances that the child will be given to them and access full revoked from the father. In all cases the court reviews all the evidence to make sure that the information that is before them is both correct and credible, abuse and access are things not taken lightly by the court.
Something else that is sometimes seen, while not common, is where the person who is accused of abuse and has no rights to access, leaves the country. It is important to note that these people are still responsible to pay both spousal and child abuse and they are not going business law major to automatically be granted access to the child. In very rare cases their family may apply for access to the child, however the courts do not do anything that will challenge the emotion development of the child, you shouldn’t worry too much about these rare cases.

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