Qui Tam Rewards From the Last Decade

Over the last 10 years, qui tam law has experienced a major increase in settlement amounts. This kind of law offers legal protection for whistleblowers while enticing legitimate claims with potentially high rewards. practicing criminal law As these lawsuits are directly aimed at government contracts and public programs, the recovered sums not only reward future whistleblowers for coming forward, but also return government money to its rightful owner.
In part, the last decade has seen a massive boom in government spending programs. Beyond the current increases in unemployment benefits and similar economic spending, contracts dealing with the military have expanded at an extremely types of crime ppt high rate. With deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, private companies have been used not only to support the military in policing actions, but have also supplied basic needs such as construction and base-related amenities.
In the early part of the 2000s, the settlement rewards given to relators almost tripled compared to previous years. In a one-year jump, whistleblowers received just over $64 million in 1999, while receiving over $184 million in 2000. Throughout the past decade, the relator settlement totals have not dropped below the $100 million mark. In total, only 2004 saw qui tam lawsuits recover less than $1 billion for the government.
These figures illustrate the usefulness of qui tam actions. As taxpayer money ultimately funds government programs, legal action that returns fraudulent sums to the government benefits both federal agencies and the taxpayers in general. In an age where so many politicians and citizens are concerned about government spending, these lawsuits can help fight against illegal transactions that drain program money.
Qui tam is an often forgotten, but particularly important part of federal law. The government offers to protect whistleblowers from serious action from employers in these cases. Additionally, the rewards involved in a successful case can be significant. To learn more about this type of law, contact a qui tam attorney.

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