Not All, But Some

“All men cheat.” She said flatly. “So, why bother?” She certainly had evidence in her life that was true. Honestly, there was a time in my life when I had plenty of that kind of evidence also. I what is legal issues in e commerce saw it everywhere I looked, my life, the lives of my friends. It’s not much different then any other blanket statement like, “All women ever want is my money” or “Things never work out for me”.
Those kind of words absolutely lock you in and tie you down into a reality that probably doesn’t best serve. Those kind of thoughts have a tremendous amount of power, but not the kind we want. They prevent possibilities from emerging. There is no creative potential there. Just the feeling of saying them can invoke hopelessness. Trust me, I get it. There are men who cheat. There are women who lie. There are marriages that fail. All of those things are true for some people some of the time. But and this is a big BUT, they don’t have to be true. Because there are a lot of men who don’t cheat. Most women don’t lie. Many, many marriages run full gear for the long haul.
Even when there is evidence to support your current view there are other possibilities. There is a lot of possibility in the word some. Yes, some men cheat, but some don’t. Some marriages fail, but some don’t. You get the picture. That’s the thing about our universe, there is “some” what do you call the lawyer who defends of just about everything. It’s like a cafeteria. You get to chose. I want some of that, and that, and that. You get to pick some of whatever you want. So, why would you chose to focus your attention on some of something you don’t want? Makes no sense at all when you think about it.

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