Need a Jumpstart on Your Legal Marketing and Referrals in 2010? This is How You Do It

If you’ve been racking your brain about how bring in more business from referral sources other than your clients in 2010, here’s my very best recommendation:
Create a local marketing mastermind collaborative or mastermind group with 1-3 other professionals in your community.
This kind of a local marketing mastermind may very well be the most exciting addition to your marketing plans in years because it will expand your reach by many times and decrease your marketing costs (both time and money) at the same time.
Here are a few things for you to know to make this strategy work right for you:
1. Choose other professionals who serve the same target market you do.
This strategy is going to make the most sense if your marketing mastermind collaborative is made up of professionals serving the exact same target market as you are – so, before you choose who to invite, think of who you want to focus your 2010 marketing efforts on as tightly as possible. And then go even more narrow.
2. Think outside the box social issues affecting youth in canada about who you choose.
Once you narrow your market, get creative about who you invite to join your collaborative. Consider other attorneys who serve the same market, but do something different than you do. Move beyond the traditional financial advisors and CPAs (although those would be great law of agency singapore choices for estate planning, business planning, and divorce lawyers to choose) and think about doctors, dentists, chiropractors, coaches, consultants, and even spa owners, massage therapists, and yoga teachers, if you’ve got a market that would make sense for.
The key is to know the people you want to reach and then think as broad and wide as you can about the other service providers they would use. A great way to do this is to pick up local magazines that would be read by your target market and see who is advertising in those publications.
3. Create a series of campaigns you can work on and implement jointly.
Once you decide who to invite, hold a meeting to discuss your plans for 2010 and how you see the collaborative working together. Set regular monthly (or even twice monthly or weekly) marketing mastermind meetings in which you will come together and first create your marketing calendar for the year and then implement it together.
I know without a doubt that 2010 is about community and collaboration. This economic shift has shown us that we cannot do it all alone.
When you create your own local marketing mastermind collaborative you get all of the power of the mastermind in which 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2, but many, many, many times more than that plus the benefit of a group of people in your local community that who can share the costs and burden of marketing with you.

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