Military DUI Charges

Military service members are held to higher standards than the average civilian in many different ways. When it comes to conduct and following the law, there is little room for error. Servicemen and servicewomen are expected to always abide by the law and to never put their fellow soldiers or civilians in danger. When a service member behaves recklessly or breaks the law, he or she may be arrested and charged in a military court.
Military DUI is a specific type of DUI charge that is reserved for members of the military who are on a military base andA� or on active duty. A service member who is caught driving while drunk may be arrested and charged with a Military DUI. It is important to know that the military law regarding drunk driving is much different than state law. While most states have a legal limit of 0.08% BAC, a military court can convict a serviceperson for having any level of alcohol in their system. If the court believes that the individual had been drinking enough to be impaired, he or she may be convicted of Military DUI.
Penalties and Consequences
Because the military abides by strict codes above and beyond civilian law, a these DUI charges can have greater consequences than a civilian DUI. If convicted, the service member may be penalized with a prison term and costly fines under federal law. Additionally, physical abuse laws he or she may be dishonorably discharged from the military, effectively ending his or her military career. Clearly, even a single offense could have drastic repercussions that greatly affect a serviceperson’s professional and personal life.
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If you are charged with a Military DUI, it is important to consult with a lawyer who understands military law and has the experience to properly defend your case against a court martial.

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