Marketing Your Law Firm Online is Not Just About Launching a Website

The more attorneys with whom I talk to, the more clear it becomes that there are a lot of legal marketing dollars being spent online without any system of accountability.
While I frequently stress the benefits of a well-executed web marketing plan, this advice comes with a large “but”. Law firm web marketing works BUT, you have to measure your results. Legal blogging works BUT, you have to have a basic understanding of how to write to demonstrate value. Legal directories can produce positive returns BUT, you have to identify their visibility in search engines and your visibility in the directory.
Unfortunately, most busy lawyers just don’t have the time to properly execute full-scale Internet marketing campaigns. In rush the marketers.
Many law firm Internet marketing consultants, systems, programs, services, etc. have a terrible reputation. In many cases, the reputation is best family lawyer deserved. In some cases, the reputation would be worse, but for the lawyer’s failure to monitor the value of (or lack thereof) the service.
To produce results, law firm Internet marketing takes knowledge, skill, experience, and creativity. Too many lawyers still think they can simply put up a website with a phone number and sit back and watch new clients roll in.
While this sort of thinking may have worked very early in the game (circa 1990), today’s fast paced, ever changing, law firm web marketing landscape is one of the most competitive around. And this shouldn’t be surprising.
The United State’s legal services industry is a monster. Every single day, people turn to the Internet to find help with their legal matter. Some have cases worth pursuing, others don’t. While there are no guarantees that Internet marketing will produce huge results for your firm, if you are not participating online, you are guaranteed not to get a single new client from the web.
For the young attorney just starting out, Internet marketing can be one of the most affordable and efficient types of marketing and/or advertising available.
For the veteran attorney, online investments can gain business law pdf exposure for a specific niche practice area.
No matter your experience, location, or practice area, Internet marketing can produce a positive return on investment when executed properly.

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