Looking For a Divorce Lawyer?

When faced with making the often very difficult decision of getting a divorce, finding a divorce lawyer can add to the already stressful situation but is one that needs to be addressed. When you are searching human rights law articles for your divorce lawyer keep in mind that although he or she may end up playing some roles that a friend or perhaps even a therapist may fill, neither of these are in the divorce lawyer’s job description.
Also keep in mind this is not the time to be thinking about looking for a new spouse or the most charming person in town (in your lawyer) but rather someone you feel comfortable with that is capable to handle your divorce case and one who will not cause you any additional drama and stress.
If you are a woman going through a divorce, it may be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing disclosing very private information to a male lawyer who will more than likely be a complete stranger to you. The fact is that a great deal of lawyers are men with not that many women ones available, thus it could take you longer to find a woman to represent you. That is not to say it is impossible to find a woman lawyer but it could delay the proceedings so try to keep an open mind as to potentially hiring a male attorney.
As I am sure you already know by now, attorneys are not inexpensive, particularly when you have child custody concerns and perhaps property ones as well. A good rule of thumb to remember pro bono lawyers in anne arundel county is that just because a lawyer is expensive does not necessarily equate to a good lawyer and an inexpensive one does not necessarily equate to a bad or “shady” one either.
Most reputable lawyers will offer a free one time initial consultation. If you email or phone one of the law firms and feel pressured right away to hire them, keep looking as this is not a good sign at all. For one thing, it says pretty clearly that they are not looking out for you and your divorce situation or with almost no empathy at all, and are rather just looking at your checkbook or credit cards to make themselves that much wealthier.
Lawyers can either help to make or break your individual divorce situation and even your parental rights’ outcome so you want to be very selective with whom you pick, yet on the other hand don’t procrastinate too long and drag the whole situation out either.
Perhaps consider narrowing your search down to your two or three favorite lawyer choices and use their one free consultation service with each to decide who gets to represent you. Before arranging for your first meeting with your chosen lawyer, be sure to be very clear in your own mind as to what you looking to get out of the divorce as far as money, child custody rights and settling of the assets.

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