Learn About Product and Premises Liability, and How a Lawyer Can Help You Claim

As we are only human, we all tend to make mistakes that simply can’t be avoided. If you have recently suffered an injury that was someone else’s fault, or if you are being blamed for a circumstance that was out first year associate anxiety of your control, then you might want to look into hiring the services of a San Antonio liability attorney. An attorney will help you build your claim or defense and try to get you the justice you deserve.
In order to understand what a San Antonio liability attorney does, you need to understand the two basic cases that they deal with. A liability attorney criminal legal aid takes on two main cases during their time in law. These two cases are done off of the basis of product liability and premises liability.
Product liability results when a person purchases a product which causes them injury, either due to a defect in the product itself or from lack of an appropriate warning label stating that injury is possible. In a case such as this, a San Antonio attorney can help you seek recompense for the costs of medical bills and other treatments, as well as any wages lost as a result of the injury.
In a premises liability case, it isn’t a product which causes an injury, but rather the neglected state of a property (or premises). This generally happens when a “wet floor” sign isn’t posted and a person slips, or if a set of stairs doesn’t conform to regulations and there is no warning sign. Premises liability can occur when any property contains faults that can cause a person harm.
For this particular reason you would definitely need to call on a liability attorney to help you in any means possible. Sometimes laws don’t make a lot of sense to common folk, but to a lawyer the law makes perfect sense. They can assist you in making sure that you are given fair treatment when it comes to this almost crazy law.

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