Lawyers – Why Bother Creating Attorney Video?

1. Does your yellow pages ad allow you to interact with your reader?
2. Does your classified ad give your reader a ton of information about how you can help solve their problem?
3. Does your radio ad allow a viewer to get to see you and begin to trust you?
4. Does your 30 second TV ad give a viewer the opportunity to see how you are an expert in your field of law?
5. Do any of your marketing methods allow a viewer the opportunity to form a bond with you and begin to trust you before they ever walk into your office?
The answer to all of the above is “No.”
“Why is video the best way to market my legal services?”
1. It allows a viewer to see you.
2. It allows a viewer to hear you.
3. It allows a viewer to get to different areas of family law know you and begin to trust you.
4. It allows you to tell a story that a viewer wants to hear.
5. It allows you to explain and educate a viewer, and there’s no time limit as commonly seen with every other type of attorney marketing message.
Importantly, a well-made educational video gives you the best opportunity for a viewer to want to raise their hand and get more useful first year associate mistakes information from you. Your goal when creating a law firm video is not to make a sales pitch. Rather, it’s to inform and educate.
Understanding that is one of the key’s to making a great attorney video.

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