Lawyer Video Marketing – The Train is Leaving the Station

You know the train I’m talking about, and it’s not the 6:19 pm train from Grand Central to Westchester. It’s the train that gets you more clients. Some call business law course it the money train. Others use a surfing metaphor; you need to ‘catch the wave’ or ‘ride the wave’ to capture more clients and generate more profit.
You may be thinking “What is Gerry talking about?”
Here we go…
Lawyers who have not started to use video to market their practice are losing money big time. You’re leaving money and clients on the table. If that’s OK with you, then you should just skip this article and go back to reading your newspaper.
Video is the best way to connect with a viewer.
Video is the best way to get a viewer to trust you. Why?
Because video allows a viewer to see you; to hear you and recognize that you know what you’re talking about.
Video allows a viewer to see you’re human and approachable. You don’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling with a static website.
Getting started with video is easier than you think. You just need to find an experienced lawyer who’s also a seasoned video producer to create everything for you. You just need to show up and start talking. Isn’t that simple? Actually, it’s not. Why not? For one thing, there’s only one experienced trial lawyer who also happens to be an accomplished video producer, having produced over 250 educational videos to market his own legal practice.
But wait…
“Why would I need a trial lawyer as my video producer?”
I’ll answer that question with a question. “Who is your ideal client?” You know from practicing law exactly who your ideal client is, right? Do you think that a video producer who is not an attorney would automatically know who your ideal client is? Maybe, but then again, maybe not. You may have to sit and explain who your ideal client is.
“Why is this even important?”
Simple. Your video producer is the one who helps you decide what content to put in your video. Anyone can learn to create great quality video, but not everyone knows what content your ideal client wants to hear. Do you think a wedding videographer knows what the most pressing legal problem is for your ideal client? Unlikely. If they do, that’s great, but it’s unlikely.
What about other video producers that create video for other lawyers? Would they know? Maybe. However, after many years of watching and evaluating attorney video, most video producers violate my cardinal rule (it’s a self-made rule that I live by) and that is never to talk about myself.
“Huh?” you ask.
That’s correct. In your videos you should never be talking about yourself.
“Why not?” you ask. Simple.
Your viewers don’t care about you. They only care about themselves. A video producer who is not an experienced trial lawyer may not recognize this or may feel that viewers really want to know where you went to law school, and how wonderful your law review experience was. Guess what? Viewers don’t care about that at all.
Here’s the secret that 99.9% of video producers who create attorney video simply don’t get: Viewers ONLY want to know how you can help solve THEIR legal problem. That’s it. Nothing more. If you can find a video producer that helps you create video to answer your potential client’s unasked questions, that will set you apart from the crowd.
Now get on that train, because it’s law firm hierarchy leaving the station right now.

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