Law Firms Are Necessary For the Step-Parent Adoption Process

Adoption is not just for a child birthed by a young mother or a child adoption agency. Children can be adopted within a family. This type of adoption is called a step-parent adoption and can generally happen for three reasons. If the parent remarries, their new spouse may want to adopt the child or children. Another scenario is when a parent remarries after why study commercial law the death of their first spouse. These types of adoptions may be possible when a child is born out of wedlock. It is the step-parent’s choice to adopt their spouse’s children. The birth parent must be informed of the situation and either consent or be declared unfit for the adoption to be finalized. Some states do not require consent whereas others do.
The requirements that must be met for a step-parent adoption vary in each state. You will need to seek assistance from a law firm as far as who is handles these types of adoptions and for consultation. It is better to have this taken care of before the adoption process is started. Someone business law today can legally advise and assist you throughout the entire process. In cases where the child is old enough to give their own consent, their signature will be required as evidence of consent. Legal paperwork changes according to the situation and a lawyer can cover all angles for you.
Consulting with an attorney is the first step in pursuing a step-parent adoption. Once they have heard the details of the case they can determine how the adoption laws in your state apply. The next step is obtaining consent either from the birth parent, court, or the child them self. Depending on your state, both parents may need to give consent. Your state may have special circumstances that render the non-custodial parent’s consent as unnecessary. It is also a good idea to contact the court that deals with adoptions in your county and get information on step-parent adoptions. Ask them what kind of representation you need, if a home study is required, and what forms will be needed to file for the adoption. Get with your lawyer to complete and file the legal forms needed. You will then wait for a court date. The judge will question all parties involved during the hearing. A date will be set to finalize the adoption and a certificate will be issued after it is finalized. Once you have legally adopted the child, you can apply for an amended birth certificate that shows you as a parent.
A step-parent adoption is a big step in consolidating the family. Often this type of adoption is welcomed by the child and strengthens the bond between the step-parent and the child. This can be very beneficial to the relationship between spouses by eliminating any issues that come with step-parenting that can cause friction between the two of you. Divorce lawyers are a good choice because they deal with adoptions and custody issues often. Make sure you obtain a lawyer who is has worked on these types of adoptions and suits your needs. This will make the process less stressful and easier for everyone involved.

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