Law Firm Marketing: Attorneys Dominate Local Search

In a recent article on Cliconomics about dominating local searches, a list of the top 33 local search terms was provided. Those running a law firm and engaged in law firm Internet marketing need to take note, as several items on this local search list specifically addressed keywords related to the legal field.
The Top Local Search Terms
The list of 33 top local search terms was compiled using a keyword tool and researching five major US cities to determine what keywords were commonly accompanied by a city modifier. On the list:
A� Injury attorney was located at number 10
A� Criminal lawyer was located at number 14
A� Accident lawyer was located at number 16
A� Lawyers was located family court cause list at number 18
A� Attorney was located at number 23.
Of course, this makes perfect sense. After all, if someone injures himself in Cleveland, Ohio, he wants a lawyer that works in Cleveland, and not an attorney who works in Los Angeles, California.
Capitalizing on the Local Search Term Market
While it makes perfect sense that law-related keywords would be among those that are often searched with city modifiers, knowing what to do with this information can be a little less intuitive.
First, you should start by understanding that “local search terms” essentially mean that people are searching specifically to find someone local, and they thus include the where in their search. As Cliconomics puts it, local search terms include What + Where. A search for “divorce lawyer,” for example, isn’t a local search. A search for “Divorce lawyer Houston Texas” is a local search- and is the kind of search that many potential clients use.
So, to capitalize on the market, you should start first by identifying the right search terms. Cliconomics advises starting by searching just the general term (lawyer, attorney, divorce lawyer, injury lawyer, etc.) in order to find what words people use when they search for a lawyer in your field. After you have a good idea about which keywords to use, search for a big city near you to get additional keyword ideas. Cliconomics even suggests that you should use your old telephone book in order to find out what keywords people use to search for business categories.
Once you have a good idea of keywords, you can then modify them by including the “where.” So, divorce attorney would become City + State + Divorce attorney. You could even include your zip code and keywords for surrounding areas as well, according to Cliconomics.
Will This Really Attract define mistreat Visitors?
Many people are nervous about using keywords required for local search engine optimization because the Google keyword tool typically shows you that there are very few people searching the specific geographical area and keywords you are. For instance, if you live in a small town and you put in your town’s name with your practice area, you might find that there are only a few searches a month.
Cliconomics reminds readers, however, that these few clicks can translate to big business. If you get just a few good clients a month from local search, this can amount to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, just from adding a few geography markers. With reminders like that, coupled with the number of law-related topics on the list of local keywords, it seems pretty clear that local search engine optimization is a very important thing in law firm marketing.

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