Keys to a Print Partnership

One of the keys to building a loyal client base is to convey your commitment to your clients through smart, consistent deployment of your firm’s brand. This is where your printer should become more than a provider. You should choose a printer who is a trusted print advisor who can apply years of experience in the legal industry to ensure that the best of your firm is reflected in your printed materials.
While you focus on creating and executing a communication plan, streamlining ordering procedures, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs, your printer should be continually assessing all of your firm’s printed materials to make recommendations for ways to strengthen your brand.
This assessment should cover all aspects of your firm’s printed materials, including:
· Color consistency across all of your business law topics 2019 firm’s materials, across all mediums
· Brand consistency qui facit per alium facit per se meaning and market exposure
· How your firm’s brand and printed materials stack up against those of other firms in your geography
· Ordering efficiency, effective inventory management and reporting
· Recommendations for alternative products and ordering options that can potentially save you in both product cost and time
The assessment should provide you some new and different ways to maximize your efficiency and lower your expenses. You, your designer (either in-house or agency contact), and your printer should meet annually to review your firm’s printed materials and to discuss your firm’s objectives. Doing this will ensure that you remain satisfied with the performance of your printer, and, most importantly, with the quality and effectiveness of your firm’s printed materials.
Next Step
If you are already an ASL print customer, reach out to your account manager and arrange for a review of your thank you for your business.

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