Information Regarding Legal Separation

In the state of Texas, legal separation is not a binding term. This means, in Texas, you are either married or divorced. If you want to legally divide your assets, debts and determine child support, it is necessary to go through formal divorce proceedings to do so properly. The best free lawyers for low income families way to handle this kind of process is with the help of an experienced lawyer. By working with someone who has years of experience in this field, you can help to make sure you are pleased with the final outcome and the court produces desired results for your individual case.
Legal separation can be a beneficial thing for couples who are still on the fence about getting a formal divorce. In addition, couples who are religious and do not believe in divorce may also find this course of action pleasing.
When pursuing a legal separation, you can enter into a separation/partition and exchange agreement between spouses. This is an informal agreement that divides your family assets and help to establish a new living situation for the family. However, if one spouse decides that the arrangement is no longer working for them, they have a right under the law to change that situation. Because no formal court orders were put in place (regarding divorce terms, like child custody), you will not have rights as a spouse to keep them they way they have been.
In addition to this agreement, you could have the court file temporary orders during a divorce proceeding, as well. That way, there is a more formal order for the changes and what is scope of employment you have a bit more protection under Texas law. However, these orders are just that – temporary – and if you do not follow through with the divorce, they could dissolve.
Divorce and separation can be a trying time in one’s life. It can not only affect your life, but the lives of your children, as well. Divorce is truly a family affair, so it is important that you are well taken care of during this time. That is why the help of a compassionate lawyer can help make the process easier. In addition, you do not have to focus on the stressfulness of the proceedings if you know your case is in capable hands. To speak with an attorney about your situation or to learn more about Texas divorce laws, visit the web site of the Houston divorce attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. today.

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