If You Market Your Law Firm Online the Wrong Way, You Will Pay For it

I own and run a small criminal defense law firm in Seattle. There are a lot of other criminal defense lawyers in Seattle trying to get the same clients I am. One of the easiest ways to differentiate myself from divorce financial records those other attorneys is by having a very strong online presence. The higher your law firm website is on Google, the more eyes will see your information and the more likely they are to call you and talk to you.
But building a strong online presence for your law firm website and ranking high on Google for criminal law keywords is not easy. It takes a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and a lot of article writing (just like this) to get to the top of the Google search engines.
There are, however, ways around this hard work and time, or at least people will tell you there are. Online law firm marketing companies will call you and tell you they can help you get your law firm website to number one on Google for your keywords if you pay them a lot of money. But be careful what you wish for when you sign up with these guys. If they do the wrong thing, you can have some dire consequences.
For example, there is an DUI attorney I know in Seattle named Bradley Johnson. He outsourced some of his online marketing work to some people who didn’t practice the type of law firm online marketing tactics that actually work. They ended up leaving a lot of useless comments on a lot of criminal defense blogs that are divorce lawyer school requirements out there on the internet. And they didn’t like what he had to say at all. So they blogged about what he’d done. And the bad thing is that these guys know what they are doing, so they’ve decided to make it so that when people search Bradley Johnson criminal attorney their websites talking bad about him show up.
Trust me when I say this is not the type of PR you want for your law firm or the type of reputation you want out there on the internet.
And it got even worse for Bradley Johnson, DUI attorney, because after he told those people he wouldn’t do anything any more he continued to comment spam, making the bloggers out there even more mad and motivated to let the world know about his less than honorable marketing methods.

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