How to Determine If You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Not all injuries are equal in the eyes of the law. If you show up in court because someone banged your toe, then you’re going to get laughed out the door. A non-serious or non-threatening injury generally isn’t enough to warrant a court case. You can get it out of your head now about suing that guy that tripped you, and made your break a fingernail. A frivolous case like that probably wouldn’t even make it to court. When the injury is serious, that’s when you need a personal injury lawyer.
Consider the can you sit in on family court following:
1. A serious injury is something that causes real damage. If you’re in a car crash that causes you to lose a limb, then that’s a serious injury. Even a minor injury such as whiplash is serious enough where you can possibly sue someone. A good way to tell if an injury is serious is by using the hospital measuring stick. If you had to spend time in the hospital or go to the emergency room, chances are your injury is serious enough to warrant a lawsuit. If the pain is bad enough that you visit a private doctor, then perhaps that warrants a lawsuit as well. You will have to speak with a personal injury lawyer if you are in doubt about your injuries. The lawyer can tell you if you have a chance of making a case.
2. Missing time from work because of injuries usually warrants a lawsuit. If you’re a teacher, but a car accident puts you in the hospital for three weeks, then you can sue the driver at fault. First, you’ve missed three weeks of work. Second, your injuries were bad enough to require a three-week hospital stay. As long as you weren’t at fault, then you possibly have grounds for a lawsuit. You’ll have to discuss things in detail with the lawyer, but they will probably agree that you have a case.
3. Getting hurt in a business location might require a lawyer. If the business was at fault, then you can sue the owners for damages. If you slip and fall on a wet floor, you can possibly sue if the owners were negligent in mopping the isle. If the business has broken stairs, damaged parts of the building or anything that can potentially lead to an accident, then you can possibly sue if you get hurt on the location.
Of course, the best way to determine if you need a personal injury lawyer is by contacting one global justice resource center directly. Explain your situation, and they will tell you if you have cause for a lawsuit.

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