How to Be a Valuable Member of Your Own Legal Team

If you are an accident victim, undoubtedly your life has been turned upside-down. You are in pain. You may be on medication. Your defamation case law mobility may be impaired. In many cases, you may not be working which can be both financially and psychologically problematic.
If you have hired an injury lawyer to assist you to claim compensation for your injuries and lost wages, some of the burden of the accident has been lifted off your shoulders. And that’s a good thing! Most of the time, your lawyer can take care of many of the issues that arise after the accident, such as helping you to claim any of the no fault benefits available in your jurisdiction.
However, as much as your lawyer is there to help you, you also have to help your lawyer advance your accident case. Your lawyer needs you as a member of the team putting together the facts that will prove both liability (who is responsible for the case) and damages (the compensation to which you are entitled).
You can be a valuable member of the legal team prosecuting your accident case by keeping your lawyer up-to-date on everything that is happening to you medically, in relation to your employment, socially and within your family. For example, we ask our clients to send an email update every 6 weeks to let us know about any recent medical appointments, changes in medication or therapies, changes in employment status and whatever else may be on their mind at the time.
When it comes time to prepare for mediation or trial, these updates are so valuable. They enable the lawyers to explain with ease how long you tried a certain treatment or how often you attempted, legal issues examples unsuccessfully, to return to work. You may think you are going to remember every detail of your rehabilitation, but if you are like most people, you won’t remember the nitty gritty.
These emails do not replace face-to-face contact with the lawyer. However, they are an important supplement to personal meeting. Moreover, an important update revealed via the update email, may prompt the lawyer to request an in-person meeting or call if the lawyer senses that there has been a significant development or change. This can be particularly important in the case of changes regarding your employment status.
The bottom line is that if you are consistent in updating your lawyer, your lawyer will know when you have reached maximum medical recovery (which is often when negotiations can begin). Your lawyer will be able to troubleshoot if you encounter problems in your rehab. And, most importantly, your lawyer will have an organized way to understand your story, from your perspective, which is what will typically be told to elicit a settlement or verdict at trial.

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