How Do DUI Attorneys Help You Out?

I am a DUI attorney. This means I have a lot of specialized knowledge that a lot of people like. I’m a hit at cocktail parties. People enjoy asking me questions to learn about what classification of crime they should do if they are ever pulled over and investigated for DUI. But rarely do people ask me what I do if they are charged with DUI. Today I’m going to answer that question.
When you are charged with a DUI you become a cog in a very big system. The prosecutor assigned to your case is often overwhelmed and not very concerned with your particular case (unless it has drawn their special attention for some reason). This means they are often willing to bargain with your DUI lawyer to make sure they get the penalty they want and you avoid the penalties you don’t want.
But this isn’t as simple as calling the prosecutor, telling him you know he’s overworked and he should strike a deal with you. There is a lot more to it than that. It involves looking at the case with a fine law of ethics pdf toothed comb, finding all the holes and inconsistencies with the case, and then letting the prosecutor know about some or all of them so they begin to understand their case isn’t as clear cut as they think.
This is done in several ways. Your DUI lawyer will look at the reason for the stop, how the transition was made from traffic stop to DUI investigation, if field sobriety tests were administered and when the arrest was made how the breath test was administered. Typically officers will make several mistakes throughout this process, some of which may even serve to get evidence suppressed and the case dismissed.
This is why it is critical to get a criminal lawyer that will fight for you and do what it takes to inform the prosecutor how weak his case is. This will ensure you get the best deal or result possible.

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