Falling From Elevation on the Job

There are many occupations that require workers to perform their duties at elevated heights. Workers in such industries run the risk of serious injury or death from falling from great heights. Employers should be careful to provide safety equipment to ensure the health and safety of employees who are required to work at significant heights.
Falling from significant heights can cause injuries like broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons, serious spinal injury, trauma to the head and brain, paralysis, internal bleeding, and a host of other serious problems. If an employee is injured on the job, he or she may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits from the employer to cover the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and lost wages as a result of the accident.
Common safety equipment used to prevent falls from elevation include:
o    Safety harnesses
o    Handrails
o    Grip mats and no-slip surface covers
o    Safety boots
Any accidents or incidents on the job site should be immediately reported to the supervisors or management professionals in the company. Notification not only helps alert them to an onsite issue, but it helps them record the injury for worker’s compensation claims, and may help bring hazardous conditions to their attention so that steps may be taken to make sure no one else is injured in a similar accident.
Although accidents happen every day on construction sites and offices around the nation, an incident involving a fall from any height poses serious threat to the health and safety of employees. Injured employees often suffer not jobs in law firms for non lawyers only physically, but may also suffer financially due to lost wages and time on the job. The longer the recovery time from an injury, the less money and support the employee is able to make to sustain his or her lifestyle.
Fortunately, worker’s compensation benefits may help provide much needed support for injured employees while they attempt to return to work after an accident. Worker’s compensation is typically not meant to support an employee in the long-term (long-term disability usually is brought in for serious, long-lasting injuries) but is available to help during the hopefully short recovery time.
If you have been injured in a fall from elevation on the jobsite or in the workplace, you may be eligible for compensation from your employer. If you would like family law in india to know more about workplace injuries and your legal options, visit the website of the Philadelphia worker’s compensation attorneys of Lowenthal & Abrams.

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