Establishing Fault in an Automobile Accident

According to the Office of the Governor, over 3,500 fatal vehicle collisions took place in California last year and more than 266,000 people suffered injuries. Of those collisions, 178 fatalities and over 14,000 injuries occurred in Orange County alone. And three of the fatalities and 218 of the injured in Orange County were passengers under the age of five.
A collision can have catastrophic repercussions for everyone involved. You may be involved in a collision through no fault of your own. A speeding driver who lost control of his or her vehicle could hit your car head on or an intoxicated driver could run a red light and T-bone your car. A malfunction in your automobile may result in you losing control over your car and causing an accident involving injuries to you, your passenger, a pedestrian, or the driver of another car.
If you suffer serious injuries, not only would you have the physical pain resulting from your injuries to endure, but also medical expenses. If you are unable to work, it is very difficult to pay those medical bills. Consulting with an Orange County personal injury lawyer can determine who was to blame and if you are entitled to compensation.
Causes of automobile accidents
Automobile accidents can be caused by any of the following:
• Unsafe speed
• Driver attending family court without a solicitor distraction
• Running stop signs and red lights
• Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Car defect or malfunction
• Poor road design or unsafe road conditions
• Bad weather
Your attorney uses many resources in determining the cause of a collision resulting in an Orange County injury lawsuit. Police reports, state laws on the rules of the road, and all other available material are used, but it may still be difficult determining who is to blame.
There is seldom just a single cause of an accident. Sometimes there may even be doubts about fault in cases of “no doubt liability” such as rear-end collisions, accidents involving drunk driving, and accidents caused by left turns. One example would be when defective brake lights are involved.
Establishing fault
To determine fault, your attorney will turn to a specialist such as an accident reconstruction specialist, an expert in human factors, physician, or another expert in forensics. For example, a specialist in accident reconstruction would analyze how an accident occurred through the use of classical or computer simulation techniques incorporating evidence such as the following:
• Steering information
• Speed
• Engine rpm
• Use of cruise control and turn signals
• Tire marks
• Brakes
• Vehicle inspection
Always get proper help and assistance if you criminal charges codes suffer an injury from automobile accidents.

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