Do Lemon Laws in California Also Apply to Other Vehicles Besides a Car?

Lemon laws vary from state to state; s you will need to check if a particular vehicle is covered by the consumer protection laws of your state. Lemon laws in California cover almost all vehicle types and also used vehicles while there are some states that do not cover certain recent family law cases types of automobiles and used cars. If you own a boat or a motorbike or intend to purchase one and want some information about the lemon laws in California that protect your rights as the consumer of these products; here is some vital information on the matter.
Fortunately, for vehicle owners not only cars but also there are a variety of other vehicles including motorbikes that are covered by the lemon laws in California; let’s look at a more detailed explanation of how these laws affect you and your vehicles:
Lemon Law: It is defined as a statute that protects consumer rights in cases where the purchased vehicle malfunctions while still under warranty. According to the law, in such cases, the manufacturer is obligated to offer a replacement or compensation in lieu; if a car has developed defects at any point during the life of the warranty and if the manufacturer has not been able to correct these defects even after several attempts.
How do the lemon laws in California apply to different types of vehicles? Cars: If were unfortunate enough to purchase a lemon and are now stuck with huge repair bills while the car is still under warranty; it may offer reprieve by giving you almost 100% protection. If you car has developed a defect that is severe and has hampered the functioning and or safety of the vehicle or it simply what does a trial lawyer do does not work as per the manufacturers specifications while the warranty is still valid. And, if you have attempted to have it fixed from a representative of the manufacturer several times without success while the car remained nonoperational due to the problem for over thirty days after purchase, the vehicle will qualify as a lemon and you will be guaranteed protection under lemon laws.
Motorcycle: Not only cars but also motorcycles are covered by the lemon laws in California; however, in order to file a claim in the court against a malfunctioning motorcycle, your vehicle will have to be registered for highway use in the state of California. Also the defect in the bike has to be serious and substantial enough to impede its functioning and the safety f the rider. If the defects are grave enough to endanger the occupant or other vehicles, you can approach the court.
Trucks and other commercial vehicles: Even though there are certain restrictions and limitations as far as commercial vehicles are concerned, trucks or 18 wheelers, or semi trucks are also covered under the lemon laws in California. However, your claim will be a little more complex than in case of a personal use vehicle because the truck is commercially owned, yet you will have some form of protection under the law.
Recreational Vehicles: Lemon laws in California also cover recreational vehicles; after all these campers are not deemed as homes they are still regarded a vehicles and as such are offered protection under the lemon laws of the state. But, you have to understand that claims will only be entertained for the engine, transmission, running gear and the framework of the vehicle, any faults in the living quarters are not generally entertained for such claims; however; there have been cases in which even defects in the living quarters were considered ground enough for the court to order compensation.
If you have indeed purchase a lemon, there are a few ways in which your interests will be protected by the lemon laws in California. You can either choose a replacement for the vehicle or monetary compensation equal to the purchase price. This compensation will also include any additional expenditure that you may incurred to procure the vehicle such as sales tax, registration charges, repair charges, towing expense and finance charges.

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