Divorce Lawyer: Using Speaking Software to Practice

As a divorce lawyer, you may need to learn how to write quickly. If you decide that you are going to be writing a lot of material, one thing that may interest you is to speaking software wherein you can speak directly into a microphone or headset and it will recognize the words that you say and transcribe them into a word processing software package.
Perhaps the largest benefit from using this type of tool to assist a divorce lawyer is that it can be much less stressful to have to type out documents throughout the day rather than simply dictate them at the attorney’s leisure. While this may sound excessive, with respect to trying to be more efficient, it truly can have an effect on making the practice of law easier and more enjoyable.
This is not to say that the keyboard should be tossed out in favor of a mouse and a microphone. There are a number of things that you need to do rapidly. And it can be really important to not use a dictation tool but rather simply type the information and manual. After all, the goal is to represent the clients as best as you can, how to prove harassment in court in order that you can fulfill your duty of zealous representation. Rather, what this is saying is that when a divorce lawyer is dictating large documents such as memorandum or long letters or long pleadings it can be much more liberating and timely to read the information in to a computer, as opposed to typing it in manually.
One thing that the divorce lawyers should be aware of, however, is that after dictating into the computer the documents will probably need to be reviewed, as this type of tool is not able to pick up accurately everything that you said to it all the time. But this is a small inconvenience compared to the benefits of increased productivity and less stressful practice on the attorney.
Indeed, a lot of what attorneys do during the day is to work with various forms in order to produce documents before the court. This can be especially true for a divorce lawyer that does not have a secretary or a paralegal or any other support staff to assist in drafting legal documents or other matters that require time-consuming type.
That’s the biggest downside to using this technology or tool is that it can be somewhat frustrating having to within your writing or rather the dictation and there is always the possibility that something could possibly be missed or looked. This, however, downside also exists divorce financial records when you are actually writing the documents as opposed to dictating them into a computer. Furthermore, as you learn how the program works better and how the program learns how you speak better, it is hoped that your need to make corrections should be reduced over time.
Attorney Will Beaumont wrote this article to be informational and not to be taken as legal advice. He has an office in New Orleans.

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