Divorce – Dealing With Medical Bills

Marriages are more than just a symbolic union: they have a financial component as well, with many couples sharing the burden of debt between them. When a marriage ends, issues like debt come to the fore. The kinds of debt wife in a hurry to divorce couples commonly share include things like mortgages and car loans, but can also include sharing the burden of student loans. Medical bills are one of the possible shared debts with the greatest potential for conflict.
One of the most important steps in getting a divorce is planning out the fate of your shared finances once the marriage has formally ended. This means separating joint bank accounts, transferring legal issues in the news or restructuring debt, and establishing separate credit again. Medical bills can become a source of strife when the partner who was injured relies on the other partner’s medical insurance.
Medical insurance usually includes provisions for covering the spouses of policy holders. In cases where one spouse does not have insurance or has a much inferior plan, the other spouse might be relied on for insurance coverage. Should the partner without insurance fall ill or be injured, any expenses not covered by the insurance will then become debt. Couples with joint finances will often shoulder the burden of this medical debt together.
When the marriage ends, it becomes necessary to determine what to do with the medical debt. Depending on the spouses’ individual financial situations, the injured partner may take on the remainder of the debt. In some cases, the spouses should make sure that no longer being on that particular insurance plan will not result in an increase in debt. Whether or not this is the case can depend on a number of factors, and you should consult your insurance agency for more information.
It is also advisable to make sure that the person who would have no insurance after the divorce gets coverage before then. Going without health insurance is a serious liability. Not having coverage, especially for someone recovering from a serious illness, can lead to substantial medical expenses and, of course, can jeopardize their health.
If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, and medical bills are a concern, the help of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer can be invaluable. The experienced Oceanside divorce lawyers of Fischer & Van Thiel can work with you to plan a divorce that works for both of you. To learn more, contact Fischer & Van Thiel today.

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