Deciding to Become a Lawyer

Everyone has seen the exciting T.V. shows and movies showcasing how exciting becoming a lawyer can be. But some may be disappointed to find out that very few lawyers ever get to live out an exciting court room drama, and many never enter a court room at all. If this sounds disappointing then you may want to consider another profession.
Most of a lawyer’s job involves a lot of research, meeting deadlines, interviewing clients, and lots of paperwork. It takes a special kind of person who loves meticulous analysis of data in a stressful environment to really enjoy being a lawyer. Even for a criminal lawyer who will see time in the courtroom it takes weeks, possibly months of preparation before the case can go to trial. The average lawyer spends 10-14 hours a day on this type of work. Sorry, but it is just a myth that paralegals do all of this type of work for the lawyer. But if you have a passion for gathering details and formulating cohesive, convincing arguments that can help clients receive fair representation than this may be a good occupation for you.
The biggest challenge for most up and coming lawyers is the money and time required to receive a law degree. Law school requires you to have an undergraduate degree before you can be admitted, so you must receive a four year degree before you can even think about going to school for another three or four years to law school. And that is not counting the amount of time required to prepare for the the human rights of women unfpa Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Without that test you cannot be admitted to law school. Then, when you have finally gotten both degrees you are required to take and pass the Bar Exam before you can be licensed to become a lawyer. Then, and only then, can you start to compete with the other million-plus lawyers actively practicing in the United States for a job. Are you up to the challenge?
If you answered yes, that you have the tenacity and strength of a bulldog and you are so sure of your ability to find a job and pay off your student loans that you wish to continue then there is still more that is required of you. You must decide what type of lawyer you wish to be. There are many different positions in the legal field that you can choose from that causes of crimes vary in stress levels and responsibilities. The fashionable position of criminal lawyer is much more stressful then a job with a more relaxed pace such as a notary or family attorney. But you may crave that type of challenge. What is important is to look at all of the options and what is required so you know what type of training to receive in law school.
Being a lawyer can be a very fulfilling career if you are the right type of person. But if you are looking for school to be over with quickly so you can move on to a relaxed career than this may not be the job for you. Find out which type of person you are.

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