Credit Repair Programs – Real Alternatives to Hiring a Law Firm

Credit repair programs aren’t always an alternative to hiring a law firm to repair your credit. I have worked with several programs and I have had success but at the expense of my time. If time isn’t an issue for you then doing it yourself and getting a crash course on credit might be the best option.
The fact is that most of what a law firm does and what the credit repair programs teach is the same. They don’t use voodoo on your creditors and they don’t have special relationships with the bureaus. They simply know about the credit practices that many creditors and collections companies violate and they go for the kill. The FCRA and the FDCPA have set some pretty specific ways of doing business and many of the collections companies violate these rules.
One that is very commonly violated is re-aging of debt. I know I found several companies doing this to me. This is when they transfer a derogatory account to a collections company and the company, community laws examples by mistake or practice reports a new, more current date as the default date. When they do this it violates the statute of limitations for reporting that derogatory account on your credit report.
Credit repair programs show you how to approach those situations and how to have them removed. This is just about the same process the law firms do. You simply have to go through the trouble of writing and sending the letter yourself. The replies are where it gets interesting ethics and law examples and where most fail to follow through. The attorneys know how to do it. Most others working on their credit don’t. Again the good credit repair programs will show you how to address a denial with a different dispute to increase the probabilities of it being removed.

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