Common Car Crash Injuries

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences. They can be costly, resulting in significant property damage. They can also be time consuming, from filing a claim to finding new transportation. However, when a car accident results in an injury, the costliness and time intensiveness only increases. Recovering from physical injury is a difficult experience. By knowing what the most common injuries are that result from a vehicular collision you are better able to protect yourself and those you care about.

Injuries Frequently Occurring in Car Accidents

Car accidents frequently occur at high speeds and inflict considerable force upon the vehicles’ driver and passengers. There are a number of common injuries that can occur in these situations, including the following:

Head trauma, such as concussions or hemorrhaging

Neck injuries, including the academic articles law common injury of whiplash

Chemical burns or heat burns (usually from deployed airbags)

Broken or fractured ribs

Various broken, fractured or sprained parts of the body, such as the legs or collarbone

Cuts and scrapes, frequently occurring when broken glass is involved

Wrongful death

Any of these injuries are likely to occur in a vehicular collision. Depending on their severity, they can require long hospital treatments and costly recovery, resulting harvard law women’s rights in missed wages and lost work time. These costs can create a serious burden in addition to the fiscal impact of the property damage resulting from the car crash.

For More Information

When a car accident happens it is important that those responsible are held accountable for their negligence. If you or someone you care about has been involved in a car accident it is important they seek the assistance of a practiced legal professional who will fight for their due damages.

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