Challenges For Custodial Parents

In divorces that involve minor children, custody is inevitably an issue. Some couples are able to come to an agreement, whether it be equal shared custody or one parent having the children for the majority of time. When one parent has majority custody they may face additional problems that public interest legal definition they did not have when the family was together. There also may be new responsibilities depending on their state’s divorce law regarding primary custody. Parents seeking to win primary custody should consult with a divorce attorney to understand their full rights and responsibilities.
Providing full-time care of the children is the main responsibility of the custodial parent in a divorce. While the non-custodial parent retains rights under divorce law, in reality the day to day responsibility falls on the custodial parent. They are the ones who have to deal with the everyday hassles and challenges such as seeing that the child gets back and forth to school safely. They also take care of cooking the meals, doing the laundry, and keeping the house.
Often a custodial parent will need to get a job or continue to work. In most cases child support will not be enough to pay all the bills. There will also be new finances in the future such as activities or special classes that the child wants to take. It is important when considering going for custody to consult with a professional Atlanta divorce attorney to look at current and future financial issues. They should be able to construct a settlement that is fair to both parties and that takes into account the child’s future needs.
Another problem a custodial parent may face after a divorce is disciplining the children alone. In the past they may have been able to team up with their spouse when correcting their child’s behavior. This united front approach, when done collaboratively, can be successful and help the child learn proper behavior. After divorce, even though the visiting parent generally retains disciplining rights under divorce law, practically speaking they are not around for every incident. The parent with custody will handle most of the little everyday problems. However it is a good idea for the parents to agree to consult with each other on major issues. A divorce attorney may have to insert this agreement into the divorce documents to ensure both parent have equal say.
In some situations the biggest problems the custodial parent faces is the child’s visitation with the other parent. This is one of the most critical situations after divorce and the parents should work to make the experience pleasant and not confrontational. community lawyering There is understandably a lot of anger and hurt feelings after a breakup and often some parents believe that the divorce law regarding visitation works against their interests. They may want more time or a different schedule.
Custodial parents also may have to deal with visiting parents who do not show up or disappear from the child’s life. Children can be negatively affected by this and it is left to the custodial parent to help the child cope with any problems. They may have to return to their Atlanta divorce attorney and rework custody and visitation rights. Whether a person is the custodial or visiting parent it is important to remember to find solutions that are best for the child.

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