Can Nuclear Energy Be Peaceful?

Nuclear energy not just means bombs and deaths. This may sound too much on the Physics side but nuclear energy or energy per se is the result of reactions, thus converting matter to energy. One very popular source of this energy is the sun, which is said to be limitless and inexhaustible. It can be estimated that 16% of the earth’s electricity is provided by nuclear energy.
Before getting on the much-talked about topic in nuclear energy, one must know first its advantages. As stated earlier, nuclear energy is of much abundance. Coal and oil deposits may be exhausted as the years go by but nuclear stays on. Another pro is that it is cheap and not to mention free. It utilizes the sun as the source of energy. Power plants can also release more energy, using only a little amount of fuel as compared to fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is also said to be more environmental-friendly, as well-managed nuclear plants do not release harmful substances into the air.
And now, here come the disadvantages of nuclear energy. Nuclear weapons are dreaded weapons for mass destruction. Two powerful countries, Russia and United States, have is it illegal to bite your child nukes in their territories. One of the most dangerous aspects in nukes is radiation – it can cause cell damage and death among the populace when exposed to it.
And in line with peace concerns and peace talks among nations, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently issued a law regarding peaceful use of nuclear energy. President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan bans any operation with regards to the use of uranium enrichment or spent fuel reprocessing facilities within UAE’s boarders. The law is made to follow the criteria of the International Atomic Energy aclu women’s rights in workplace Agency (IAEA) to support the implementation of Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme. The statement is made by Wam, an official news agency. One important aspect in nuclear energy operation is the commitment of transparency of the nation involved. Wam also added that the UAE worked closely with the IAEA along with nations like US, Japan, France, and Russia who are known suppliers of nuclear weapons.
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