Brainstorming Target Keywords For Your Law Firm

Figuring out which keywords are most likely to lead to new clients for your law firm is one of the very first steps to successful law firm web marketing. First, you should brainstorm search phrases that you believe potential clients might use to find you online. Here are some things to consider when getting started:

Think like your clients – Remember, the search terms that your potential clients may use to find your services probably won’t be the same terms that you or other lawyers might use to describe your practice.

Ask – One of the best ways to ascertain how clients refer to your services is simply to ask them. Asking past, current, and prospective clients about how they would refer to or search for a legal practice like yours is a great way to learn the language of your clients.

Think About The Problems You Solve – Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. What types of problems do you solve for them? For example, if you’re a criminal defense attorney, think about the criminal process that a defendant is facing. It is likely that they don’t have a lot of experience with the process and will search using phrases that they have heard during their encounter with law enforcement or the courts.

Don’t Forget Your Location – Be sure to include geographic keywords in your strategy. These keywords ethics and social norms can help drive much more qualified traffic and potential clients in the locations that your serve.

Once you have completed brainstorming search phrases, the next step is organizing and prioritizing them. As you might imagine, not all relevant search phrases are likely to result in potential client inquiries. Further, factors such as competition and search volume should be factored into your keyword strategy to generate results:

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Search Volume – Search phrases with higher volume may be more attractive. However, in many cases, higher search volume means higher competition. If you only target the most searched for phrases, it is likely you will have to wait a very long time to get results for these very competitive keywords.

Competition – The more quality websites that are targeting a particular search phrase will make that phrase more difficult to gain visibility for within search engines. divorce attorney meaning Part of your keyword strategy should include phrases with lower competition for which you can gain search engine positions within a shorter period of time.

Relevance – While it may seem obvious, it’s important to evaluate your target search phrases for relevance to your practice. Targeting irrelevant keywords is likely to generate un-targeted traffic to your site which won’t translate into results in terms of potential client inquiries.

Conversion – Some search phrases are much more likely to lead to new clients than others. Even relevant phrases with higher volume may not be the best in terms of conversion. For example, searches including “free” or “pro bono” are unlikely to convert at a high percentage into paying clients.

Once you have established a pretty good initial keyword list, it’s time to start mapping those keywords onto various pages of your website. Be sure to limit your optimizations to one or two search phrases per page.