Bankruptcy Attorney – Don’t Be Fooled by the Shiny Red Apple

In the land of bankruptcy, it is easy to be swayed by cheap deals and promises of a quick and painless hearing. Lawyers can be very persuasive. Try to look past the smokescreen to avoid the unfortunate circumstance of hiring a bad attorney.
The Absolutely Worst Thing to Do When Filing
Waiting around for the right attorney to fall into your lap is actually one of the worst things to do. While it is one of those parts of your financial crisis that feels much like choosing your undertaker, it can’t wait. The last scenario you want on your hands is a pack of wild hyenas at your front door, ready to tear you to shreds for not paying your bills. You should make it a top priority, almost like a second job, to interview and consult as many bankruptcy attorneys and other sources as it takes to find one that fits your needs.
More importantly, he or she will need to agree to represent you the way you want to be public interest lawyering wikipedia represented, and do so in a way that won’t put you back into the same monetary boat.
Referral Do’s and Don’ts
Don’t ask friends or relatives for referrals unless they’ve been through what you’re about to go through, because only first-hand experience will help you. Do ask professionals, such as your personal lawyer (if you have one). Be wary of previous representatives that don’t specialize in bankruptcy, though, because they could have very little experience with the specifics of such a case.
Other obvious but often forgotten places to look are your local or state bar association and similar professional organizations with ready-made lists of their members available for clients to review.
Face Value Is Overrated
Question your bankruptcy attorney’s qualifications. He or she should not be offended, but rather happy to see that you are serious about getting the best legal expertise out there. In this field, there are special certifications that lawyers can obtain domestic violence psychological abuse to further their credibility, so ask about it at the interview. If you speak with his or her assistant over the phone, you can find out then and verify it in person (most professionals will gladly display educational achievements in their office).
See the Prospective Bankruptcy Attorney in Action
Spend a day in court and pay close attention to how the lawyers conduct themselves. This is the ultimate proving ground when it comes to determining who has what it takes to represent you. Also, after clients are finished with their cases, you might be able to pull them aside and quickly ask them what they think of their representative for an even more accurate portrayal.
Many people heading down the road of financial uncertainty are susceptible to the clever phrasing of that fly-by-night lawyer, but now you’ve got a better perspective about this part of the financial world. Act fast while being armed with powerful knowledge, and you are bound to break free from the fire.

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