Bail Bonds Solicitation Can Be Illegal

Bail bonds are about as regulated as industries get. It makes sense too. With so much money and people’s very freedom on the line, regulation is generally thought to be well deserved. Since bail bonds are regulated on the state level, the laws relating to solicitation practices vary depending on the individual state.
The solicitation laws and regulations in California are very strict. In fact, bondsmen can’t solicit business in a jail or courthouse. how to take civil action Regulations actually make it illegal for a bail bondsman to solicit business from any inmate or anyone one who is incarcerated.
Furthermore, bail bondsmen are prevented from referring their clients to criminal defense attorneys in California. While criminal defense lawyers are legally prevented from referring clients to bail bondsmen. Most assume free family law advice gold coast this law only applies if the referral is performed with the expectation of receiving compensation. However, California law prevents bail bondsman to lawyer referrals or vice versa even if no money changes hands.
These California anti referral and solicitation laws are designed to prevent client abuses at the hands of their trusted bondsman or lawyer. They in theory prevent consumers from being taken advantage of during the vulnerable time that is a criminal proceeding.
These laws are solidly in place and many have lost their own freedom and careers for violating them. Although, some question their merit. It is easy to conjure up scenarios where not giving a referral or advice on the choice of bail bondsman or lawyer could be counter productive to a person’s welfare. Not providing some assistance to a client that needs it, and may make a poor choice otherwise, can be far from beneficial as well.
Criminal defense lawyers and bondsmen are both very important resources for a defendant who is trying to put their life back together after being arrested. It seems as though, helping one’s client with information and assistance should be considered a valuable service rather than a criminal act.

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